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Frames – Anodes and Cathodes


In electrowinning processes and Electro refining anode and cathode plates are typically oriented vertically arranged side by side alternately in a cell sized to receive the anode and cathode plates.

The anode, in particular the cathode plate, can be placed within a frame to hold it in vertical orientation and proper spacing to the next adjacent anode or cathode. Depending on the processes that take place and the metal required electro depositing and refining the anode, cathode or both, may be covered with a permeable medium (bag) allowing the metal ions can pass through the media permeable to the electrolyte, but does not allow the impurities or other material to pass through the electrolyte.

The cells have the electrolyte solution in which the anode and cathode plates are placed. A certain level of electrolyte may typically be maintained with the use of frames with built bells which also permit removal of acid mist.