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Phone: (56 2) 2773 6002 - 2773 7408
San Eugenio #12212, Parque Industrial Puerta Sur
San Bernardo, Santiago - Chile

Exma Ltda.

Our company founded in 1985 and since then dedicated to the design, engineering, development and manufacture of plastic and metal parts and pieces for national and international industry provides our customers services an products developed by highly qualified personnel supported by the most modern design technology, manufacturing and control.

Between our extensive line of products for the mining industry we can remark Capping Boards, Insulation Anode, Anode forks, rims Cathodes, Anti Evaporation Spheres, Bus Bars, Electrolyte, Distribution Manifold, Anodes Frames, Cathodes Frames and Accessories.

Our products are manufactured with the latest technology and materials specially selected based on the requirements of our customers.